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Boy Scouts of America Prepared for Life

Upcoming Events

November 2023

Webelos-Woods is coming in in December! The Scouts are busy preparing for the Cub Scout competition events and meet the Troop night!

It is not too late to join scouts, we meet all year long – summer time comes with adventure camps and don’t forget that merit badge opportunities are happening all year long! Email us at for more information on how to sign up or Join Today!

Thank you to all the adult volunteers that make these events happen. Scouts BSA is encouraged to be a youth led program, but behind every youth is fantastic adult leader supporting them!

The American Legion Post 490 is under construction, so the Troop will be meeting off site for future meetings – stay tuned!

Email us at for more information on where our adventures are taking us on Mondays!

Adventure awaits!

Scouts BSA Troop 1513 of Clear Lake, Texas invites you to come visit!

Monday nights at 7:00pm-8:30pm. Contact us at to let us know you would like to schedule a visit! From taking your first hike.. to starting your first campfire.. Scouts BSA is about testing your limits and pushing yourself to do things you never thought possible. Whether you were in Cub Scouts before or if this will be your first time entering BSA Scouts, we welcome you! This is an amazing program that thrives on character building, leadership, community involvement, outdoor skill development. At Troop 1513 we encourage our youth to grow through activities that spark their interest and imagination Don’t let adventure pass you by!  Click HERE to register

Merit Badges

It is a general practice within the troop that Scouts work on merit badges outside of meetings. There are several opportunities, however, for Scouts to complete merit badges as a troop. Summer Camp is also an excellent place to earn multiple merit badges. The Scouts will be instructed on the process of starting a merit badge, marking requirements in Scoutbook and completing requirements.


Troop 1513 conducts a US Flag display program to local neighborhoods. The money raised go to support the troop and the Scouts signed up to the program. Scouts’ funds earned can pay for scout camp dues, uniforms, hiking boots, tents, backpacks, etc.