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Parents Cabin!

Download Health Forms HERE

Parents Participation:

Parents are strongly encouraged to help their scout and the troop by being actively involved. Assisting in merit badges, advancement, assisting on camp outs and volunteering for committee positions are some ways for parents/family to be involved. Scouts BSA is youth led organization, but it takes a village to surround them with outstanding examples of true leadership and teamwork to help them become great citizens.

  • Merit Badge Counselors – Take a look at all the Merit badges offered, this takes the least amount of time and gives the most of your gifts back to the Troop by gifting your knowledge. Being a guide, helping the Scouts by answering questions if they have them. Go to the Merit Badge Counselor link for more information on what is available or ask your Advancement Chair if you have any questions on how to become a Merit Badge Counselor!
  • Be Committee Member – Virtual meetings held once a month to decide on budget items for the Troop, camps, events, directions, leadership positions, etc. Decisions cannot be voted on if there are not enough members in attendance so feel free to come. This is your chance to be there and add your opinion on the next location for the Summer Camp or High Adventure, or maybe you would like to be there to run for a Committee Position!
  • Camp Out Volunteers – Adult volunteers are needed at every camp out. 2 deep leadership is a must and is a strict policy. We cannot lean on the Scoutmasters to be the same adults at every camp out every month/year round, so parents will find that being outdoors and learning to camp alongside these amazing young men, will be being more meaningful for you both.
  • Troop Positions – There are multiple positions inside the troop if you are interested in diving in deeper – please do! We are excited for the help.

Troop Communication

2023 Troop is implementing the use of the BAND app to streamline communication between leaders, scouts and parents. We can easily communicate changes in meeting time, location or RSVP for activities and camp outs. This is a private app that can offer a way for us to share information only and protect our youth at the same time. We value the safety of our Scouts and we want to provide a safe and fun experience – communication is key! Please contact to for your secure log in.

Uniforms – Click on the link to take you to the online BSA Scout Shop

Scout Shop – Stafford Location

12300 Parc Crest Drive, Suite 130
Stafford, TX 77477
Inside the United Way building
Kim Faught, manager
(281) 207-2340
google map

Mon – Fri: 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm
Closed Sundays 

These below form is used for RECHARTER only

Don’t forget to fill out the form above and hit submit – this information is important for us to have for Council! If all goes well, you won’t be getting multiple emails and phone calls from leaders to track you down – Thank you!

2024 Adult Recharter ONLY

Please fill out the form above FIRST before submitting payment – helps us keep a record! Adult recharter BSA fees are $66 + Paypal Fee $5 = $71


2024 Merit Badge Counselor ONLY

Please fill out the form above FIRST before submitting payment – helps us keep a record of who is rechartering. **If you are already a registered adult leader – i.e. Committee Member, you do not have to pay both fees. This fee is ONLY for those who are only Merit Badge Counselors and NOT camping with the Troop. Merit Badge Counselor Fees are $25 + Paypal Fee $5 = $30


2024 Youth Recharter

Please fill out the form above FIRST before submitting payment – helps us keep a record! Youth Recharter BSA Fee is $86 + Troop Activities Fee $50 + Paypal Fee $5 = $141 yearly dues


**New Scouts ONLY** 2024 Recharter

Please fill out the form above FIRST before submitting payment – helps us keep a record! **New Scout ONLY** *There is a one time registration fee of $25 added for first year scouts! Youth Recharter BSA Fee is $86 + Troop Activities Fee $50 + Registration Fee $25 + Paypal Fee $5 = $166 yearly dues