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Parents Cabin!

It is time for Troop Recharter! Please fill out the form below for us to begin 2023 paperwork! There is the option to pay via PAYPAL below or we encourage scouts use their scout funds if available.

Please take advantage of the website. We are working hard to make sure we communicate with each other to make these administrative jobs easier each year. Thank you for your help and quick turn around! Any questions, reach out to

Don’t forget to fill out the form above and hit submit – this information is important for us to have for Council! If all goes well, you won’t be getting multiple emails and phone calls from leaders to track you down – Thank you!

2023 Adult Recharter

Adult recharter BSA fees are $51 + Paypal Fee $5 = $56


2023 Youth Recharter

Youth Recharter BSA Fee is $81 + Troop Activities Fee $50 + Paypal Fee $5 = $136 yearly dues


**New Scout ONLY** 2023 Recharter

**New Scout ONLY** There is a one time registration fee of $25 added for new scouts! Youth Recharter BSA Fee is $81 + Troop Activities Fee $50 + Registration Fee $25 + Paypal Fee $5 = $161 yearly dues