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Flag Subscriptions

Boy Scout Troop 1513

Annual Flag Holiday Subscription Drive

With your support, Troop 1513 will place an all-weather 3’x5’ American flag on a 10’ pole curbside in your front yard on the following holidays:

Memorial Day (05/29/23)

Flag Day/Week (06/14/23)

Independence Day (07/4/23)

Patriots Day (09/11/23)

Veterans Day (11/11/23)


The annual cost for this service is $62 per flag.

i.e. 1 flag for all 5 dates = $62; 2 flags for all 5 dates = $124

As part of this service, Troop 1513 will:

  • Install a flagpole holder ground level below the grass (~12” from the curb).
  • Paint a small star on the curb to help locate the flag holder.
  • Display the flags 1 – 2 days before and pick them up 1 – 2 days after each holiday.

The troop will be responsible for displaying the flag. If anything happens to it, the troop will replace it.

Your Flag Holiday Subscription will help the boys provide a community service as well as aid in the purchase and maintenance of troop camping equipment and offset the costs of Scout camps. Your support of our Boy Scouts is greatly appreciated.

Show your patriotism, dress up your street, and help our boys make a positive difference in our community – all at the same time!

For questions regarding flag subscriptions, email us at

Flag Subscription!