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Scouting is a youth-led organization, but the scouts need to be trained on how to be leaders. The scouting organization could not be successful without our adult volunteers! Being excellent role models provide the ideal experience for the scouts to learn how to be a leader.

How You Can Help?

  • Assist directly with the Scouts on an ongoing basis – BSA trained positions that provide the guidance to the scouts on rank requirements, meetings, leadership, etc.
  • Help directly with Scouts in Specific Events or activities – be present at Troop meetings, camps and events to provide the adult support we need.
  • Administrative Support – There is so much work to be done behind the scenes that no one sees, but is needed to keep a Troop running.
  • Being available for your scout and providing them guidance
  • BSA requires all registered adult volunteers to go through a background check and to have taken the Youth Protection Training program online before working with the scouts.

If you are excited to help our Scouts grow and become better leaders, please come to a meeting to discuss what areas are in need.